Becoming a Trusted Contractor: Our 5 Top Tips

In any profession, it’s important to build a positive reputation for yourself. This is especially true as a contractor in order to make sure that you can maintain a steady flow of work that employers are pleased with. To keep the jobs coming, you’ll need to create trust with your clients, and here we share our five top tips for building trust as a contractor.

  1. Be professional. It’s important to make sure that the first impression potential employers have of you is very good, especially as a contractor. Make sure that you’re well prepared, dressed appropriately and have all the necessary tools you might need. Be vigilant in checking everything, because even the smallest of things, like your email address, could put off an employer if it appears to be unprofessional.
  2. Under promise, over deliver. To set yourself up for success with your clients, always offer a deadline which is slightly longer than the time you will need to complete a project. This means that, come the finishing of the project, you can either deliver early and delight your client with your speed, or if you need those extra days, then you have a bit of leigh weigh.
  3. Communication. Meeting or exceeding your client’s expectations is essential in keeping contracts and securing future jobs, and the key to this is communication. Always provide effective, clear communication with your clients, from your expectations, to deadlines, to requirements and updates. This also helps cover you for any misunderstandings with your clients, as if you have everything clearly in writing or via email.
  4. Be reliable. Never be late, always complete the work that was agreed, within the agreed timeframe. This will help build your reputation and land you the jobs you want.
  5. Be intentional. Clients are much more likely to choose you multiple times if they see that you are interested and invested in creating a long-term business relationship. If you show that you want to get to know them and their business needs, they will remember their positive experience with you if/when they have a new job to offer.

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