Meet The Team – Rachel

Every month, we are profiling one of the Red Ark team to allow our clients to put a face to the many names they speak with regularly.

This week we are sitting down with Rachel Gallagher.

How long have you worked in the Payroll world? I will have been part of the Red Ark team for 2 years in October as a Payroll Administrator.

What do you feel your strengths are? I have very good organisational skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure. I was previously an events planner running events and weddings, looking after brides on their wedding day sets you up to deal with just about anything!

What do you feel is an important part of your role? I think building relationships with our agencies and contractors is very important it just makes everyone’s job easier. Also with Payroll you must have excellent attention to detail to ensure everyone is paid correctly and on time.

What challenges to you face? The same as everyone over the last year! With Covid, we have been working from home but add in a 2-year-old running around, it has been a challenge. We had new starts join the team while in lockdown, so training them remotely was an experience, but they were great at adapting!

What is your favourite thing about working for Red Ark? It has to be the team. We have a great dynamic and work together so well even though many of us haven’t even met in person! I like that it is fast paced and I’m always learning. Legislation changes and new rules regarding payroll come into place regularly so we have to ensure that we have up to date knowledge so that we can assist our contractors with the correct information.

Tell us more about you Rachel! I’m Mum to Mia who just turned 3 she certainly keeps me on my toes! During Lockdown I started running and have completed a few challenges for charity. In January, I ran 50 miles for Maggie’s Cancer Centre in the snow and ice. I’m hoping I can keep it up but maybe in better weather conditions! Before lockdown my favourite thing was going out to gigs. I love music, so I’m looking forward to getting back to live music once it’s safe again.

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