Meet the Team

Each month we profile one of the team to give our agencies a face to put to the many voices they speak to at Red Ark. This month we are speaking to our Payroll Manager, Claire Bell.

Introducing Claire Bell

How long have you worked in the Payroll world?  I have worked in payroll for the last 5 years starting out as a Payroll Assistant. I have been leading the Payroll Team for the last 3 years. 

What do you feel your strengths are? I’m very organised and I have an eye for detail. Its really important to me that every single contractor paid accurately and on time, every time so I am always conscious of our deadlines and cut offs.

What do you feel is an important part of your role? I try to work closely with our agency partners to ensure any issues are resolved quickly. Its very important to maintain strong relationships and provide excellent service. Its also really important to me that my team are experts in their role and are able to support our agencies.

What challenges have you faced? 2020 saw some big changes to Red Ark. Because of the expansion of our teams across the UK, I had to manage my team remotely for the first time. And that’s without even mentioning Covid!

What is your favourite thing about working for Red Ark? Definitely the people. We have a really close knit team even though we are spread across the UK. As a result, some of us haven’t met each other in person! So we try to have regular Zoom quizzes or arrange for lunch to be delivered home for the teams.

Tell us more about you Claire!  I’m Mum to two boys, Mitchell 18 and Fraser 8 who keep me on my toes. In my spare time, I raise money each year for charities that support children and young people with cancer.

Claire is a huge asset to the Red Ark team and is always willing to go the extra mile for our agencies. Claire and the rest of the Payroll Team are always at the other end of the phone to help you with your payroll needs.

Contact us today at or phone us on 01383 431687

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